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Residential Pool Service in Gainesville, Florida

Residential Pool Service in Gainesville, Florida

Residential Pool Service

  • Weekly or bi-monthly pool service package
  • Monday, Wednesday or Thursday, 7am - 5pm (weather permitting)
  • Includes brushing, vacuuming, chemical testing and necessary chemicals
  • Empty pump and skimmer baskets
  • Clean/backwash filter as needed
  • Brushing as needed
  • Service form provided with each visit detailing chemicals administered and services performed

Chemical Safety

  • AquaDoc of Florida follows guidelines from the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and *several other medical guidelines for your *family's swimming safety
  • Specializes in chorine based, "natural" salts, soft water system
  • Provides a comprehensive and educated approach to pool chemistry based on natural, structural protective salts, soft water and low levels of chlorine
  • Does NOT use harmful products such as Algaecides including ammonia, ethylene or petroleum based chemicals
  • Does NOT use chlorine tabs..."Be sure to ask us why?"
  • Participates in environmental recycling

Repair and Installation

  • New equipment installation
  • Pool and filtering system repairs
  • Leak detection and repair
  • Includes underwater leaks
  • Pumps, Motors, Filters, Valves, Lighting - etc.
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